Heaton Data Dashboard

Air Quality Sensors

See the latest readings from air quality and weather sensors from around the area, as well as the trend ffromt he last 24 hours.

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Traffic Volume and Speed
Traffic Counts and Speed Data

View traffic counts and speed data for each hour of the day that was colledted by automatic counters in June 2017.

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Traffic Camera Images

View the three most recent images captured by CCTV cameras that are used to monitor roads around the area.

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Bus Locations
Live bus locations

View a map showing the current location of all the buses in Newcastle and North Tyneside, updated every sixty seconds.

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Live Journey Times
Live journey times

View car journey times for main roads across the area.

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Journey Archive
Archived journey times

View historic car journey times for certain main roads across the area.

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Air quality data from:
Newcastle University Urban Observatory Logo

CCTV images from:
UTMC Open Data Service

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